Just like your skin, your eyes and eyelids may develop cancers. Most of the common cancers effecting the eyes and eyelids are benign, meaning they do not grow rapidly and disseminate throughout the body (i.e. metastasize). These benign growths may be observed or removed depending upon functional or cosmetic impairment. However, sometimes systemic cancers may metastasize to the orbit, eyelid, and eye itself.

These cancers, along with malignancies like melanoma that are intrinsic to the eye, may grow to cause irritation, blindness, or death. At Phoenix Ophthalmologists, we will evaluate your eyelids, conjunctiva, iris, and retina for malignancy. Dr. Van Buren is experienced in evaluating lesions for cancer and deciding whether the best intervention is removal or simple observation. If you have a growth on the Iris melanoma eyes or eyelids that is causing vision changes, pain, or eyelid deformity call us to schedule an appointment today.